The Success of Zombie Tsunami

In mobile gaming, there are only handful of games that are immediately identifiable by everyone. There also seems to be a pattern among the games that easily trend, especially the mobile games that were launched between 2009 to 2013. One of the games that became very popular during that time is Zombie Tsunami. If you already had a smart phone during that time, then it is highly likely that you have played Zombie Tsunami. zombie tsunami hack full tien of the game is pretty unique on its own, but it does share a couple of similar characteristics with its counterparts and rival games during that golden period. The answers to our questions pertaining to the success formula of Zombie Tsunami will all be discussed here.

• Straightforward and Catchy Title

The very first thing that is noticeable when it comes to mobile games is, of course, the title. This is why the catchiness of the title is of utmost importance. Not only that, the title literally gives the gamers an idea of what the game is all about. The game is exactly about controlling a tsunami of zombies. Titles have a psychological impact in the selection of players. The game’s title only had two words, but it can definitely leave an impact.

• Simple Gameplay

Playing Zombie Tsunami is so easy, almost anyone can play it. The only people we could think of that cannot possibly play Zombie Tsunami are babies and toddlers, and even toddlers are a stretch. In Zombie Tsunami, the gameplay is very straightforward, there are no complicated components, and you do not need fast reaction time. If you are looking for an easy yet fun game, Zombie Tsunami should be on the top of your list.

• Tried and Tested System

The games that really trend, apart from those that came from a long franchise line, are usually mobile arcade games. In the case of Zombie Tsunami, the genre of the game is the tried and tested endless running platform game. Moreover, Zombie Tsunami made the endless running side scrolling to give a better perspective for players.

• Feast for the Eyes

We are going to say it now: unless your game has something super special about it, if it has bad graphics, it is not going to do so well. Not just that, there has to be some signature looks in the game that will make it immediately recognizable for anyone, even for non-gamers. In the case of Zombie Tsunami, it is the googly-eyed green zombies that take over the road.

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